Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Rollin' Along

While (most of) the rest of our neighbors on the mainland got an extra hour of sleep this morning, we here in Hawaii didn't. If we're a little cranky, you'll understand why. Just kidding!

According to Wikipedia, the concept of Daylight Savings Time (DST) was first proposed to the world back in 1895 by a New Zealand entomologist to allow for 12 hours of daylight to fit the normal daily activities of humans, as closely as possible. (Click here for full article.) The U.S. adopted the practice in 1918.

As for Hawaii, it is really not needed. Hawaii is closer to the equator than most of it's mainland counterparts, and there's such a minimal fluctuation in sunrise time throughout the year that changing the clock isn't justified (pretty much the same amount of sunlight in June as there is in December). If Hawaii would participate, it's sunrise time would be around 7am, which is pretty late.

Interestingly, Hawaii is not the only state that does not observe DST. Arizona and most of the Eastern time zone portion of Indiana doesn't either!

So, it's business as usual for us, except that there's one less hour between us for the next few months!

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