Sunday, May 2, 2010

AAA Hawaii Takes Lava Boat Tour

AAA Hawaii publishes a bimonthly magazine, cleverly titled AAA Hawaii, and the May/June 2010 issue has a nice article by Bill Harby on a Big Island attraction close to our hearts (and our homes): The Lava Boat. Bill takes the Lava Ocean Adventures excursion to see lava from the Kilauea volcano flowing into the ocean at Kalapana.The article suggests staying in one of our Big Island Vacation Rentals when you visit this part of the island, and our mahalo to Bill and AAA for the recommendation!

We do want to mention that a short time ago the lava flow shifted and is not presently flowing into the ocean, which hasn’t been good news for Lava Ocean Adventures and other lava boat tours. But as Sharene’s blog yesterday pointed out, the lava is now flowing right on the ground very close to the Kalapana viewing area, which is just as exciting (in a different way) as seeing it flow into the ocean. Of course, this too will change so you never know exactly where you may see lava or what form it will take when you visit. But this eruption has been going on continuously since 1983, so we can be pretty confident that lava will be flowing somewhere whenever you come to visit!

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