Friday, May 28, 2010

HawaiiHoliday Check out AlaskaAir's summer fares!

  • $179 Portland to Maui

  • $189 Oakland to Kona

  • Sacramento to Maui $189

  • Fares are each way Go to the website select some dates but then search by the LOW FARE CALENDAR Then check out our sites for a place to stay!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puffy goes to an art show!

Many people will now be able to enjoy Puffy, the magical star of the pond of Lagoon House, our number one vacation rental on the Big Island! A photo of her and her friends in the Lagoon has just been accepted into the Wailoa Photo Expo which opens on June 4 in Hilo.

And yes, this is the view you see if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who reserve Lagoon House.....hard to get into, but OH, so worth it!!!!

Check out to see Puffy in action!

Having just seen Avatar, I feel compelled to say that the photo above is NOT computer generated.....this is the REAL DEAL!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


JUST IN!!!!!

Alaska Air has some great Hawaii deals that are good between now and June 10. This is about one-half what the airfare will be starting on June 11.

  • Oahu is $149
  • Kauai
  • Big Island are $189.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Air Fares At-A-Glance!

Looking for the best fare to get from here to there? Especially from where you are to Hawaii??? Flexible on your travel dates? Then check out On the very first page, just tell it where you’re flying from and to, pick some general dates in the month you’re interested in, then a full month of fares pops up to the side so you can see the dates with the lowest fare! Pretty cool.
Before you know it you could be here:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Activity Alert! Spelunking on the Big Island

Not long ago, I came across a Big Island blog about exploring the Kazumura Caves in Glenwood and decided that it looked like a fun adventure. As a confirmed lava junkie, I was excited to get a new look at lava, and the Kazumura Caves provide an excellent opportunity.

Take a good look at the light - you won’t be seeing it for a while!

Descent into darkness!

Yet another Big Island superlative, Kazumura Cave is the longest and deepest lava tube in the world. It stretches 40 miles and plunges to depths of 3,614 feet! Geologist guide Harry Schick was incredibly knowledgeable and provided lots of insight into the strange underground formations we encountered, as well as the cave’s strange flora and fauna. He’s so well informed that he’s even written a book on the subject, one of the few of its kind.

Lava does strange things underground!

An underground skylight - but there’s no sky for a long ways up!

There are several tours available – we choose the lightest of them, a 2-hour expedition into the least difficult part of the caves. For the extreme cavers out there, there are a 4 and a 6-hour tour, even requiring repelling down drops of over 40 feet! Well, the ladders on the 2-hour tour were challenging enough with my fear of heights (“But we’re not up HIGH, we’re descending into the DEPTHS!” was Harry’s humorous response to my anxiety), but for those of you with the inclination, the deep tours are sure to prove even more fascinating!

Dr Seuss would be proud of these strange formations!

There are a few requirements for the 2-hour tour: you must wear long pants and boots or tennis shoes. No shorts or open toed shoes are allowed. All spelunkers must be 11 years or older. It’s a good idea to bring a bottle of drinking water, but no food is allowed inside the cave. Warm clothes are also a very good idea – it’s chilly and damp down there. Harry provides the rest of the equipment, including flashlights, carabiners and hard hats. Best of all, the 2-hour tour is only $10 per person - now that’s a deal!!


Call (808) 967-7208 for reservations. The tours operate Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 6pm HST, or visit Harry’s Website for more information.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

AAA Hawaii Takes Lava Boat Tour

AAA Hawaii publishes a bimonthly magazine, cleverly titled AAA Hawaii, and the May/June 2010 issue has a nice article by Bill Harby on a Big Island attraction close to our hearts (and our homes): The Lava Boat. Bill takes the Lava Ocean Adventures excursion to see lava from the Kilauea volcano flowing into the ocean at Kalapana.The article suggests staying in one of our Big Island Vacation Rentals when you visit this part of the island, and our mahalo to Bill and AAA for the recommendation!

We do want to mention that a short time ago the lava flow shifted and is not presently flowing into the ocean, which hasn’t been good news for Lava Ocean Adventures and other lava boat tours. But as Sharene’s blog yesterday pointed out, the lava is now flowing right on the ground very close to the Kalapana viewing area, which is just as exciting (in a different way) as seeing it flow into the ocean. Of course, this too will change so you never know exactly where you may see lava or what form it will take when you visit. But this eruption has been going on continuously since 1983, so we can be pretty confident that lava will be flowing somewhere whenever you come to visit!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

An amazing day on the Big Island......we got a tip that the lava was flowing in areas so close to the hiking trail in Kalapana that you could get within feet of it. (Any closer your eyebrows would singe!). And here it is......of hot, red, oozing, jaw-dropping, lava. Harrison and I went out early in the morning before any other tourists (or security guards who would never let us get this close!). We were humbled and in awe. It's really other-worldly.