Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The season's first SNOW FALL on the Big Island!

Yup, you read that correct: snow on the Big Island!

Sunday night there was quite a storm that moved through, with high winds and sheets of rain near the coast. Lightening could even be seen off the southeastern part of the island. When that happens, especially during "winter", I always check out my front window when I get up the next morning.

Sure enough: Mauna Kea had a light dusting of snow!! Hence, her name: Mauna Kea translates to "White Mountain"! (This photo is from my driveway in Hilo. )

That was at 7 a.m. Less than 4 hours later, the sun had melted it completely and there were no traces of our winter wonderland... That's what happens on bright sunny days when it's 78 degrees! Besides, we know there will be more!

1 comment:

  1. Snow in Hawaii! That's a surprise. Amazing beaches and snow, sounds like Hawaii has it all.
    :) Barbara