Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Hawaii Holiday!!

Wishing you a warm Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

With lots of alohohohoha from Su, Harrison, Sharene, Steve & Tara.

May your 2010 days be merry and bright!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swimming with the Turtles next door to Mauna Loa Shores in Hilo!

Karl & Susan Gutknecht of Madison, WI have already been to the Big Island 5 times in 2009. They especially enjoyed their early December trip for a couple of reasons:

One, the week they were in Hilo the temperatures dipped below zero back in Madison
(bbrrrrr!), and

Two: Karl had the best time swimming in the lagoon area at Carlsmith Park, just steps from the beautiful 5th floor, 2-bedroom oceanfront condo he was renting at Mauna Loa Shores -- unit 508. Here is a photo of him making two new friends:

The park is a popular place to get into the water in protected lagoons and experience the ocean in Hawaii in a different way from the beaches. It is a very picturesque setting and we never get tired of promoting the beauty this place has to offer guests who choose to stay at Mauna Loa Shores . Here's the view of the park that Karl and Susan enjoyed from the screened lanai of unit 508:

Mauna Loa Shores 508 just one of the Hilo vacation rental properties Hawaii Holiday represents. If you have plans to vacation in the Hilo area, be sure to check out the Big Island Vacation Rentals website for availability and rates!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

El Nino to keep East Hawaii dry this winter!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that El Nino, the warming of tropical Pacific waters that affect weather worldwide, is expected to last into the spring.

This is unfortunate news for West Hawaii farmers, as they have already been experiencing an extreme drought for over a year. What may not be good news for the farmers, is great news for travelers to Hawaii though!

For anyone considering a visit to Maui or the Big Island this winter, you can feel comfortable knowing this statewide drier-than-normal conditions will be here through May!!

This is especially good news for East Hawaii, traditionally considered the "wet side" of the island, and sometimes a concern for visitors to the Hilo and Kapoho areas.

So worry no more! There are still some fantastic vacation rental homes in Kapoho available to fit every budget, so check out the specials by visiting the Big Island Vacation Rentals website.

We can set you up within a short walk to the Kapoho tidepools, or in a place with your own private swimming lagoon! Plus we have several homes right on the infamous Champagne Pond!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missouri Couple Enjoys a Month on Big Island & Renews Vows!

Donna and Gary Stanton of Missouri moved into our oceanview Hale Alu Lepe vacation rental located just outside of Pahoa town on the Big Island for the entire month of November.

On Sunday the 15th they had plans to renew their wedding vows. Earlier that week, a LOT of rain had fallen in East Hawaii, but the sun broke through and the clouds cleared just in time! Donna shared this with us that afternoon by email:

We renewed our wedding vows Sunday morning by the ocean. This spot is about a block from the house. Talk about the majesty of God.... It was a delightful day!!!

While they were here, they took advantage of as many activities as they could! Here's what else they shared before they checked-out:

This month has just flown by too fast! We have so enjoyed Hale Alu-Lepe and your island. The rain forests are incredible. This area is heavenly! Some may not like this 'wild' side, but we are 'off the beaten path' travelers!

The volcano, what can be said for its' stark beauty and unpredictable beha
viour. Mauna Kea Visitor center has some awesome and very knowledgeable volunteers! The night sky is beyond describable.

On Monday before we left, we made it to the Mauna Kea summit. The snow was beautiful! We drove the road as a staff member said the drive was no different than driving a gravel road in CO. He was right. It was being graded and new gravel is being laid. The summit drive was a fitting end to our Big Island visit.
[see 12/2/09 entry for more about the snow!]

After being back home in Missouri, they were still thinking about the Big Island and had to write us again:

The beauty of the Big Island was everything we expected and so much more!!! Love it! Even those coqui frogs! It is too quiet here. Wish I could have recorded the sound of the rain on the metal roof and the frogs. What a concert! Wish I could have taken some in a box to our trees. The best of the best was the new Ohana Grill in Hilo, with a different musician playing soft dinner music each night. We will definitely be back. Already planning and saving for our 41st anniversary!!!

Happy guests is our greatest joy! You can be one too!! See our website to plan your vacation stay at Hale Alu Lepe, plus our other 35 Big Island vacation homes.

If you are planning a trip to Maui and need classy and comfortable accommodations, check out our Maui Vacation Rentals.

A hui hou Donna & Gary!

Saturday, December 5, 2009




IMAGINE THIS… you are a young man in the 1970s,working on the sun-baked beaches of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast… but you live in one of the impoverished Iron Curtain countries riddled by hyperinflation and political tension. You have an opportunity to flee even though you know it means leaving your family and homeland behind. This is the story of Gary Hatch. Almost 40 years ago, he escaped communist Bulgaria and fled to Istanbul to seek political asylum at the American Embassy. It was 1975 and after a brief stay there and in Italy, he landed in New York, without knowing anyone or any English!

After a time, with hard work and determination, he found a job, saved a little money, and decided he wanted to live where it was warm. Although he considered Florida, he decided to head to California instead. When he got settled, he had a few jobs working for others but knew he had the drive and work ethic to work for himself. He was in America! Anything was possible! He understood the gift he was handed when he came to this country: he had the freedom to choose his own path in life. So with focused resolve, he spent the next four years building a lunch truck and vending machine business in Southern California.

In 1979, he splurged on his first vacation, a place he dreamed about on the Black Sea in Bulgaria: HAWAII. It cost him a whopping $269.00 through Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays for airfare, hotel, and a few activities, and he even got to see the Don Ho Show! He was hooked. (Who wouldn’t be at that price?!)

Back in California, he started buying real estate and eventually got his license. One of his clients encouraged him to become a mortgage broker, which he did and opened his own firm in Burbank where two of his children from his first marriage now help him run the business. Asked how he has weathered the recent problems with mortgages, he just shrugs and says: “it’s true, we are working twice as hard, but I’m just a simple guy, keep working through all the hoops; it’s not a perfect world and even though there are things that are out of my control, I’m grateful for what we have.”

Since his first trip, Gary and Tina came many times to Maui and always stayed at the Mana Kai. Then this year, they took a look at KIHEI SURFSIDE

recognized the view was much more tranquil...and the sun on the lanai was much LESS intense than at Mana Kai, now they can sit on their lanai all morning!

As the new owners of their oceanfront condo on Maui they can fully realize they are a long way from fleeing a communist country and coming to America with just hopes and dreams. Gary and Tina met in the ’80s when he had his lunch truck business. She had come to California from Matzatlan the same year Gary came from Europe — they take that as a sign they were supposed to be together!

To see their new condo (and check availability and stay there!) click here: DREAMS DO COME TRUE