Thursday, November 19, 2009

What can we say? Puffy is such a celebrity here at the Lagoon House in Kapoho. She is THE MAIN attraction at East Hawaii's #1 rental. Sort of like the old 'E' ticket rides at Disneyland.....having an encounter with this charming darling of Kapoho makes life long memories and is the reason Lagoon House has so many returning guests.

Making sure the pond is pristine clean for Puffy and friends (and snorkelers and swimmers!) are Ann and Julie. Nice gig.....they get paid to swim with fishes!

Lagoon House is reserved so far in advance you have to plan ahead. But if you can find some open time here, all we can say is don't hesitate...........reserve it NOW!!!
Words and even pictures cannot describe this incredible experience swimming in a huge private aquarium. In fact, one recent guest, a retired professor from Harvard who had traveled the world, has dined with heads of state, and has had a very impressive life, came out of the lagoon saying this was one of the finest experiences he had ever had! A chicken skin moment to think that this place has such a positive affect on people......
Way to go Puffy!

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