Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This review just came in from one of our past guests at Shangri La. It was so beautifully written, we just had to share. Plus, the guest owns an incredible lodge in Colorado, so her comments are even more meaningful to us as we know people in the travel business see accommodations with a different 'eye.' Shangri La in Kapoho is truly a one-of-a-kind unique experience but we think this guest captured the essence of the place in her kind words:

We loved Shangri-la. Looking at the pictures again after being back in Colorado really stirs great memories. It was just my husband and myself and we wanted peace and solitude. We didn't spend much time away from the home, we ignored almost every tourist attraction as we were in paradise and never wanted to leave. The linens were very nice, we loved the outdoor shower and bath, and the landscaping... We can't say enough about the landscaping. We enjoyed all the details including the small shells in the walking paths and the orchids wrapping our linens on arrival. We loved the nightly rains and all the humidity. My skin never felt so nice. We loved the outdoor lighting at night and enjoyed watching the palm fronds wave in the breezes. We also loved the orchids growing on the trees. The flowers were amazing.

The pond was delightful for swimming and we grew to love the fish and the geckos. It was slightly inconvenient that our Verizon cell service didn't work at the home and yet, what a gift! By the time we left, we could care less that we had no cell service! It took Shangri-la to remind us that constant connection isn't THAT necessary and that we are humans and do not need our dog leashes (cell phones) on every adventure. Sometimes it is best to run free!

Karen Avery
Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
PO Box 439 * 45 Third Avenue
Ouray, CO 81427
970.325.4981 (Reservations)
970.316.1443 (Cell Phone)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What can we say? Puffy is such a celebrity here at the Lagoon House in Kapoho. She is THE MAIN attraction at East Hawaii's #1 rental. Sort of like the old 'E' ticket rides at Disneyland.....having an encounter with this charming darling of Kapoho makes life long memories and is the reason Lagoon House has so many returning guests.

Making sure the pond is pristine clean for Puffy and friends (and snorkelers and swimmers!) are Ann and Julie. Nice gig.....they get paid to swim with fishes!

Lagoon House is reserved so far in advance you have to plan ahead. But if you can find some open time here, all we can say is don't hesitate...........reserve it NOW!!!
Words and even pictures cannot describe this incredible experience swimming in a huge private aquarium. In fact, one recent guest, a retired professor from Harvard who had traveled the world, has dined with heads of state, and has had a very impressive life, came out of the lagoon saying this was one of the finest experiences he had ever had! A chicken skin moment to think that this place has such a positive affect on people......
Way to go Puffy!