Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and Congratulations

Lots of wonderful people stay at our vacation rental properties but every now and then we meet guests who touch our hearts and become a special memory.

Peter and Valeda reserved Hale Kakahi for the week before Halloween and arranged with our concierge Brady Byers to set up the lower level in a Halloween theme for Valeda’s daughter, Vanessa, as a surprise. Brady “decorated” Vanessa’s room in a mixture of cobwebs and pumpkins and set up a big inflatable monster and a scarecrow outside her door.

After we met Peter, Valeda and Vanessa, we found out that the Halloween decorations were just a small part of their plan for the week: Peter and Valeda were getting married! They had made arrangements to drive to the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Kona for a day, where they would get married and Vanessa would get to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest. The Hilton is a great place for a wedding and lots of activities, but we feel honored that Peter and Valeda decided to spend most of their special week at Hale Kakahi. They had a wonderful time and we got this photo of them on the Hale Kakahi lanai in their wedding attire.

Beautiful people inside and out. Mahalo to Peter, Valeda and Vanessa for being such memorable guests!

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  1. How sweet! Brady did a nice job with the spooky decor too - FUN!!