Friday, August 7, 2009

Hurricane? What hurricane?

Geez, I hope that's not what the people who went through Katrina said! It's just hard to believe that Hurricane Felicia is even on the radar for the Big Island. We have clear skies, gentle tradewinds, we don't even have high surf! But just in case, we have our emergency back packs ready, we went shopping yesterday at Hilo's version of Costco (a big warehouse full of stuff but it isn't even a Costco wannabe) and we stocked up on lots of canned goods. If we make it through hurricane season we'll donate it to the food bank. That's what I'm thinking anyway. We'll also go around to all of our vacation rentals and put notes on the doors with emergency procedures. All in a day's work! We'll never forget when Iniki by passed Kauai in 1992, then made a u-turn came back and devastated we take these things pretty seriously.

Anyway, right now, it's gorgeous day in Hawaii nei. So we'll enjoy it but stay on our toes!

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