Sunday, August 2, 2009

Have you met Puffy yet?

If you haven't been lucky enough to meet Puffy in person, you at least need to check her out on youtube on the Lagoon House website. Puffy is THE most popular and fun fish on the entire island of Hawaii, and she happens to reside at THE most popular vacation rental in sunny Kapoho, (if not the entire island), Lagoon House. (This place books up far in advance so check the calendar if you're interested-great place for kids!) Anyway, Puffy has it all; charm, personality, friendliness, and she's as cute as can be! OK, so maybe she's not tall, blonde and leggy, but hey, you'll fall head over flippers in love with her!

Cute, cute, cute. Puffy isn't the only fish in the pond, there are hundreds of reef fish for your snorkeling's really a zillion gallon private natural lagoon. It's like snorkeling in your own personal aquarium. One more reason we're 'lucky to live Hawaii!'

Turn your sound on; the music was written by our own Steve Marcotte, known fondly to us as SUMA!

BTW, Lagoon House is for sale so if you ever dreamed of having a place in Hawaii on a lagoon (not many of THOSE out there!) here's your chance!

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  1. Puffy has more star quality than would seem possible for a fish. She's adorable!!