Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From our "Only in Hawaii" file

Wow! For you Hawaiians, or Hawaiians-at-heart, this will blow you away. Pele, our goddess of the volcano here on the Big Island is a big presence in our lives. Pele has been working her magic on Kilauea for over 20 years of continuous flow and eruption. How many of you have a friend who could create this incredible wire sculpture that truly captures the fire, smoke, passion, culture and ever evolving movements of our landscape shaped by Pele.
Our very dear and talented friend is an amazing artist and was inspired by Pele to create this. It's a very large piece and really makes a statement. The artist is Karen Mortensen, one of the most passionate and talented women we have ever known. You can see some of her other amazing pieces at
Or come see us and we'll introduce you personally and take you to see the flowing lava!

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