Monday, August 10, 2009

A Dove Story

The most interesting thing just happened. I was out for a walk to check out the high surf and saw a dead baby bird on the sidewalk; the ants starting to descend on it. Ugh. I picked it up by the tail to put in in the bushes when I saw a larger bird, a spotted dove, just sitting on the lawn about 4 feet away. It seemed comatose; I walked up to it and it didn't look at me, didn't move, just sat there and blinked a few times.

I went on my walk and on the way back I thought I'd check on the bigger bird. I thought it was gone at first, but then I looked over and it was sitting on the sidewalk on the exact spot where the baby bird died.

I don't know how the baby bird died, but clearly this was a mama bird in mourning. Interestingly, I had always heard this bird was called a mourning bird, but when I just did a search, turns out it's a spotted dove. But this one was a mourning spotted dove.....

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