Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Talk Story!

Welcome to the new Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rental blog! Let's 'Talk Story!' From people who live and work in Hawaii....we'll bring you fun news of what's happening now, photos from our 'only in Hawaii' file, and of course we have the best deals for vacation rentals in East Hawaii and on Maui too! Nevah been a mo' bettah time to come to da islands!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Hawaii nei. Last night we had pizza with some of the crew who were part of the finale of the Bachelorette; filmed right here in our own backyard. We met the owners of KapohoKine; the adventure tour company who took Jillian and Ed to the private waterfall; very cool! check out the KapohoKine website.

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A hui hou!


  1. I had no idea the Bachelorette was filming a segment at your gorgeous home! We still can visualize the beautiful view and the whales as we lounged on the lanai. We've heard the weather has been awesome and can't wait until December to visit our home in Kauai!

  2. That was your house! I didn't put that together. I thought it was on the Kona side. Your house is amazing, though, so I'm not surprised they decided to use it.

  3. I am SO addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorette!!! That is so awesome that you got to meet the crew. Of course we watched the final episode and tried to guess where they were the whole was fun!!